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Race Evaluation

2022 Billygoat: Kid Goat


1. fine, originally planned to stay on the trail on the edge but got dragged by the billygoat pack down the trail towards the field. Kept me closer to the line though and through nice white woods so probably better honestly.
2. Stayed around the edge to avoid the green, simple
3. off to the road, off the parking and the rootstock was visible from there
4. wanted to go past 5 on my way, easy otherwise
5. just right back the way i came
6. wanted water and only noted the northern water stop (good thing cause I don't think the southern one was set up yet) so just used the edge of the oob field and to the trail
7. decided to brave the green, which totally fine
8. almost got off but saw the car(?) black x and could see the hill top from there
9. I was going to skip this but then I got to eight and was enjoying myself and this looked like the most interesting leg so I decided to not skip. Didn't really have a plan, was very hesitant but found the open with the ditch behind and figured it out from there.
10. Up the hill was slow but fine other than that
F. had a struggle finding the finish punch, actually probably took me 45ish seconds, then had to wait around for the box to be brought out. surprise or not, I didn't actually have a mistake while running down the open field....

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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