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Race Evaluation

West Point A-meet: Middle Blue


1. Somewhat unsure approaching the control, overshot just a bit.
4. Right of the marsh.
5. Slow on the approach.
6. Around to the right, maybe too far.
7. High and to the left, and overshot.
9. Slow, because the rock on the ground didn't look anything like I expected from the map, and I was wondering where the hell I was. But the control was where I figured it might be.
11. Total screwup. I was fine until I got to within about 100 meters, then I wound up checking all kinds of reentrants with unmapped cliffs in them as I wandered through the laurel. No excuse for this kind of behavior.
13. Wil Smith caught me at the start of this leg, and I was sort of keeping up.
14. Hans Fransson caught me at the beginning, and I was keeping up with WIl on the descent and pulling away from Hans. Once it flattened out, I couldn't keep up.
16. Trouble reading the map at speed, but I did manage to guess the right cabin.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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