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Race Evaluation

Colorado 5-Day: Prologue (Attack Badger Sprint)


1. Spike! (OK, it was streamered).
4. +01:30Hmm, the air is a bit thin here. I am running up the hill, watching Donna Fluegel and Evelyn Brautigam walk past me. This is not good. Then I wander and find #5 before #4. At least it is a useful attack point.
5. +00:15OK, I just came from here. Should be easy, right? Oops, off to the left.
6. +01:00Ouch. Went one re-entrant too far, and climbed as far as the cliffs before heading back.
7. Nasty climb - walking all the way. Joel Thomson is out in front.
8. I see Joel crossing the reentrant and drifting right. I head down through the yellow past the depression and earth bank, and in from there. Flag is low and around the corner, creating momentary consternation.
9. +01:00On compass, trying to check off various rocks and forest patches with no success. See the control from 150 m, and start sprinting for it, only to lose sight of it after 100 m and have to hunt around after all. Drat!
10. Easy navigation, but breathing pretty hard.
F. Keeping up appearances.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:45

Split Analysis

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