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Race Evaluation

Colorado 5-Day: Prologue (Attack Badger Sprint)


1. Straight, following streamers. Caught the woman who started ahead of me.
2. Through the field, missed crossing a line of rock. Once in the woods, I hesitated one ridge too soon. Caught the guy starting a minute ahead.
3. +00:15I left with a bad bearing. Realizing that I wasn't seeing what I should have, I looked right and corrected at least 50m.
4. Fairly straight, I passed a couple of people and closed in on a young woman (from TX?) as she led me into the control.
5. I paused on the short leg. I should have read ahead knowing I needed to cut right but I calmly oriented my map and set off on a bearing (Ted Good later said the control could be seen from #4). The young woman who got to #4 ahead of me was still ahead.
6. Straight. I passed the young woman and noticed an older one ducking behind a dot knoll at the control.
7. I went left of the line to follow the reentrant up. I started to run out of steam at the top and walked across some rocks. I ran to the right side and spiked it.
8. Just going the easiest straightest path down the hill. I think some others were leaving as I approached.
9. Straight up, I caught a few and noticed Fritz M. ahead. I realized he had passed it when he stopped and came back.
10. Straight through the field and woods. Fritz went around somewhat. I wasn't sure I could catch him before #10 but kicked-in ahead of him brushing the pine bow out of the way and letting it swing back--sorry Fritz.
F. I ran okay coming in but being out of breath I didn't feel it was worth pushing real hard with another race in the afternoon. After finishing and comparing our hand timing I though Joe B. had beat me by 2 seconds but official results somehow had me a second ahead of him.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:15

Split Analysis

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