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Race Evaluation

Sage Stomp: Course 7 Classic


1. Followed the reentrant up to the rocks. Looked for the small hill on the right. Climbed up to the control.
2. Contoured over to the trail. Climbed up to the shelf on top of the hill. Then contoured over to the control.
3. Contoured to the trail. Went up a reentrant. Saw a trail. Crap! Went up the wrong reentrant. Recovered, but lost a couple of minutes.
4. Ran to the trail bend. Ran just left of the big clearing. Went through the saddle, ran down the spur to the big clearing. Attacked from the clearing corner.
5. Went straight. Ran along the flat spot as far as I could, then contoured dropping a couple of lines straight to the control.
6. Up and over or around picking my way through the green. I went around. Hit the green. I wanted to stay high to the left of it, but couldn't. Beat my way through the entire length of it losing a few minutes in the process. Finally got through it to the fence and followed it most of the way. Attacked from the pond.
7. Ran for the big clearing.
8. Ran mostly straight. Avoided the reentrant leading to the control, because of my earlier experience with the green. Dropped down the steep from the hill to the control.
9. Went just left of the line to the fence. Followed the reentrant to the depression. Then north along the long thin reentrant.Climbed up and over, then dropped down looking for the 2 hills. Split them to the control.
10. Followed the hill on the right down the reentrant. Almost went too far, but cut left (before screwing up big time) into the control.
11. Went straight. Couldn't see the control when I started to drop down. So looked to my right more and saw it.
12. Didn't have a very good plan when I started which made me nervous. Slowed down and figured out a reasonable plan. Went down through the fence to a reentrant. Saw Leif here. And a big boulder which I used as an attackpoint.
13. Went straight. Got into a beautiful meadow which wasn't marked as beautiful meadow on the map. Stopped short of the control and lost some time finding it.
14. Straight. Was a little right of the control at the end, but saw the reentrant and the control as I was standing there.
15. Went down immediately, then ran for the lake. Climbed up when I thought I was at the right spur, but I was too early. Realized that the small island in the lake was the point that I was looking for and recovered.
16. Straight looking for the 2 small hills.
17. Hit the knoll with Eric Bone.
F. Chased after Eric down the chute.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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