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Race Evaluation

NEOC Hale Reservation: Sprint


1. Took road all the way.
2. I didn't see the trail through the swamp on the map. Running back on the road I was puzzled as to why I hadn't seen the previous runners do this. Simple nav from 2nd trail on right
3. Lost time here wandering on knoll to north of control -- saw 2 or 3 runners pass me. For some reason I was thinking that Jeff had given people different courses (compounded by my confusion leaving #1), so I didn't immediately give chase.
5. got stuck in brambles on way, then miscounted trails and overran the control, even though I saw it on the right when I passed.
7. Took the trail behind the pavilion to E, then cut along base of hill to trail. Was confused when the control wasn't closer to the trail (bad map).Saw Jeff Schapiro running below me and followed him to the control
8. I went straight to the building, Jeff went straight up the knoll to the right.
9. Plan was to go more or less straight, but then I found myself at the field. So I cut across the corner of the parking lot and climbed up the knoll. No control. I looked further, saw the cliff, worked it out.
11. Around left side of hill, around the left side of the copse.
12. Jeff Schapiro passed me again as I was struggling up the steep bit.
F. I had Jeff in sight as he left the final control, and I knew if I pushed it, I could beat him, as he started 30 seconds ahead of me.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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