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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: 27th Annual


1. No splits due to a timepiece malfunction. Bashed my knee on a stick. Ow!
2. Running with Peter and crew. Saw the turnoff but figured Peter knew something I didn't and went around on the trail with them. At the bend I cut in, but no one followed me :( Was too low and too far E. Saw the backs of Ted and Dave leaving waaay up above me.
3. On the line. Picked up Alan here.
4. Due N below the green then up the reentrant. Alan took the trail I think. Joe just ahead.
5. Alan caught me up and we walked the traverse. Trying to keep sight of Joe but lost him and we drifted too high. Bounced off trail near the top.
6. Contour, then off trail bend. Some hikers on the trail and a Zhyk in the reentrant.
7. With Alan. Down to the little-big-lake, then some trails. Alan got ahead and went farther left. Crossed the big lake on the beaver dam then stright towards the control. Alan was there at the lake, but went left along the shore...didn't see him again until we both stumbled into the control many many minutes later from different directions. Lots of people circling in the Laurel. Saw Greg and Jeremy, Clint, and later Dave and Ernst.
8. Running with Dave, Ernst, Clint and Alan now. Alan and I went farther right and around, but we all got there together. I haven't been able to choose a good skip. Back at 7 I asked the crowd and Dave said 9 or 15. At 8, Dave says something like "I like 15" and he and Ernst and Alan start heading that way. Clint is bent over his map. I take another look and say to Clint "Les do it" and we head off to 10.
9. skip
10. contour to trail, then up the spur between the rocks and clearing. I go into the reentrant early, thinking the knoll is in the saddle at the top. Peter magically appears. I stumble along behind him but think we are past it and I start to climb. Run into Clint up a line or two. With no better ideas, I head back towards Peter. I spot the control just ahed and Peter is just behind the knoll to the left of it. Alan comes busting through the laurel above us and Dave is there too, so I presume they have skipped 9 as well.
11. For a moment I wonder if they have just smoked 9+10, not knowing how big my error was, but, nahh, they *must* have skipped, right? Off trail bend, then I get too far right and have to turn left and climb the reentrant.
12. I see Dan Schaublan ahead on the way to 12. He went farther right in the big basin. I climbed left over the nose and then on a straight line left of the "lake". Get a big stick jammed in my head as I cross the first trail. Scalp is bleeding and I pick the pieces out while continuing to run.
13. Straight line, weak attack. Lost in the green. Apparition of Joe appears on his way to 14. Finally stumble into the control and ask for advil. None available. Take an oreo instead, which helps, but it probably would have been more effective stuck to my head to stop the bleeding.
14. A little too far right. See and hear Dave. See who I think is Clint but sounds like Ted. (It was Ted). They were all headed for 13.
15. Trail around the hill to the right, then straight to trail bend, contour along marsh, trail to top of reentrant, then handrail it on my right.
16. Mostly on the line. Got too low and climbed stright up the spur to the control John F punched just ahead of me.
17. We both walk up the reentrant, exchange skips (he just skipped 15), and he asks "where's the lift?" I'm second-guessing my skip at this point...thinking 17 looks pretty good.
18. Straight down left of the rock blob then contour.
19. Straight, short trail to first junction, then up and around.
20. Straight, then followed stream around too far. Hit the trail at the triangle too far N. Trail a little ways then started up too early. Bounced off power line at the top.
21. Glanced down the re-entrant for fear of the pack behind me. No one in sight. Straight to big trail, right to boulder at top of reentrant then could see the bag from there.
F. Look for clearing but see nothing. Check the bearing and just go for it. See some tires hanging in a tree, and the finish line appears below them. Dull abdominal pain.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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