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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: 27th Annual


1. Cold from earlier in the week seemed to have faded by race day so I thought I might be able to run well. Did not happen. Went out in middle of pack and followed Peter G and Steve Gregg when people split up. Huge line at the punch added 30s.
2. +01:00Punch line spread everyone out and I followed the line going on N side of lake. Lost sight of those in front of me so headed around end of lake in general direction of 2. Met with JJ leading a ground down the trail and followed him S from the trail. Should have spiked it but we angled right to much to join a group going straight up. Another mob at the punch. So many I cannot recall their names although Pavlina was among them. Pavlina is apparently being tailed by Ekaterina.
3. +03:00Phil Bricker, Suzanne Armstrong and I pulled away from the pack but went to far W. I was confused in the small trails. We relocated just in time to see the group leaving the vincity of 3 and heading to 4.
4. Struggle to catch the end of the train. I was mostly keying on Ken Sr. Nobody running on the uphill up the reentrant. I look ahead on the course and consider skips. Nothing really jumps out. Would like to cut out something with lots of climb or contouring. 15 looks possible but decide I will keep it for the end and skip 18 to get a trail run to 19. (Unless the pack decides otherwise and I want to stay with them)
5. +05:00A horrible looking leg. Went with Ken and I think Phil and tried to contour. Pavlina and anther group were taking a higher line. Think we were on line but lost confidence when we did not see the control and climbed late. Just decided we were to high when we hit the trail and then a swarm of people coming down it. Everyone converged at the control. Another line at the punch and the water placement created additional congestion.
6. Downhill and we all took off running. Someone at the front must have orienteered but it was just a line of people to follow for me. Another line waiting for the punch. Looking at the photos which I think were taken here there were over 13 people in our extended group.
7. +04:00I followed Ken Sr on this one as the crowd split into smaller groups. Phil was also with us. At one point we were also with Mark Dominie and Pavlina but they eventually went a different way. I was lost most of the way after we passed the E end of the lake but the direction looked good and when we stopped the terrain looked right. Unfortunatly we were only near the control, not right at it. Seemed to be a large number of people in the area including Carl Childs and Mikel Conradi. I relocated from some rocky ground near a small trail and eventually found the control. Reading others comments I realize I was looking for a spur which would explain the difficulty in finding the bag.
8. Straight line on the N side of the marsh. Mark Dominie and Suzanne are with me along the way and at the control there is Pavlina and her shadow again.
9. +01:00Think this would have been good to skip. I was unsure of myself most of the way as I tried to orienteer alone and perhaps move up a few places. Lots of unmapped trails some of which seemed to go the right way but I was afraid to follow them long for fear of losing my bearing. Mikel and Phil overshot and I think I followed Carl to the bag.
10. +00:30Went my own way again but lost some time climbing over the hill instead of going around. The same gang was there again. All I can recall now is Pavlina and Ekaterina but there were several others.
11. Another slow walk up the hill. Tim Parson has joined the group as well. He has already skipped.
12. +01:00Tim does most of the leading as we go north. I get in front on the steep uphill but do not see the faint trail on the map so am puzzled when we hit it. Where the trail crosses the marsh Tim leads us straight toward 12. Suzanne wades thru the water to cool off.
13. We have picked up Bernie from somewhere. Pack breaks up as some people start to run again. I note the separation of the aid station and control and am careful to punch first then hit the snacks.
14. I spend 1:57 at the aid station taking a cup of gatorade, drinking most of my bottle of ERG and eating a power gel. They say I am in 37th. I'm surprised I am that far up. Leave the aid station alone and worry that I may blow 14. Spike it and see Bernie and others leaving.
15. +01:00Bernie looks like he is going up the small trail N, possibly skipping 15. Do not see Tim, but after heading NE on the trail and then cutting N to go around the steep area I see him ahead of me. Do not see him once I start downhill. Catch the trail at the marsh and after screwing up the stream crossing just head for the tower. From there I still miss the control and have to climb back up a contour after going to far N.
16. +01:30Slow up the hill and come in from the stream trail jct. Stop one reentrant to early and waste some time looking around before continuing. Pass Sanna along the way as she also stops short
17. Another horrible climb up hill but I see Pavlina, Ekaterina, and Tim not that far ahead. Others as well. Pass Pavlina on the hill and catch up with Tim at the control.
18. Skip. Not a great choice but I hope it is enough to get me ahead of the group I am with.
19. W to trail and try to run with some semblance of speed. Straight in from the jct.
20. +04:00All alone with nothing but two short legs to go. Cross the trail and feel the twinge indicating a cramping risk. Unfortunately I am in the green and catch my foot on the next step. Left thigh cramps and I spend 1:06 before I can hobble slowly away. Trail around would have been a safer choice. Very slow and cautious thru the green and the thorns of the powerline. Think I will be ok when I get to the trail but the steep climb up to 20 is to much. Right thigh cramps now. Steve Tarry goes by as I try and convince myself it doesn't really hurt and probably won't hurt more if I continue to walk. Steve is not making much more speed up the rentrant than I.
21. He pulls away at the top when he starts running first but trips and falls allowing me to stay close. Attack the control from the trail jct.
F. Consider trying to kick by but have no speed and do not want another cramp. Jog in finishing 33rd I think

Total Time Lost - 00:22:00

Split Analysis

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