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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: 27th Annual


1. +01:00At first I was just running along with the crowd. Then it struck me that I should be looking at my map for skips. I decided to go for number 15. Then I realized I had very little clue where I was. People started to head for the forest, and I followed suit. Still didn't know where I was. JJ went further to the right and I followed him. We ended up further West than the others, and probably lost a minute or so.
2. +01:30Had some problems on final approach but saw Eddie running further East than I would have.
3. +00:15Was trying to avoid the green but not too much luck with that. Hesitated a bit when climbing up the reentrant.
4. +00:30Some of the reentrants seemed deeper than mapped. A bit confused by this.
5. +10:00Several people seemed to get lost on this leg. I ended up too high and there were plenty of unmapped rock features to investigate. Finally realized that the only way to figure this out was to relocate on the trail. Unfortunately I made a parallel errors because there is another saddle higher up.
6. +00:30Stayed too high, although that made for a very safe approach.
7. +08:00Miserable route choice through too much forest. Should have gone around on trails somehow. After crossing the lake I got lots of non-smooth things floating around in my shoe. Took off the shoe to get rid of that stuff before it would give me blisters. Parallel error on final approach into the green/cliffs further north.
8. +03:00Again, there was a reentrant in there that seemed much bigger than mapped. Was also confused by a huge non-mapped rock field just above the stone fence West of the control. Punched just after Pavlina.
9. +03:00Phil and I missed to the left after some hesitation / discussion. Pavlina caught up again after passing her on the way there.
10. +00:30Should have gone further south to hit saddle. Instead did a bit of climbing up and down the various spurs.
11. +01:00Kind of lost coming out from 10. Map seemed weird. Relocated using trail bend / marsh.
12. +00:30Veered too far to the right coming out from 11 and had to climb back up around to the left. Caught Sanna while swinging back right around the next hill.
13. +00:30Went by 14 - probably not the best route.
14. Had a bit to eat / drink. Then ran to 14 really fast as I knew where it was.
15. Skip!
16. +02:30Poor route choice going West around the hill rather than East. This added climb and distance. I had considered going East but it somehow seemed to lessen the value of skipping 15 because I would get much closer to it. I'm pretty embarrassed about such poor reasoning. The control was much further down than mapped, and so I was standing there looking at my map for a short while before I realized I was 10m from it.
17. +00:15Left the trail too early and went a bit too high.
18. +00:15A bit of hesitation.
19. +00:30Confused by the reentrant changing directions a few times. Control was really not on the saddle, but down in the reentrant on the other side.
20. Around on the path - had enough green for today.
21. +00:15Had a hard time finding the clearing. Overshot a bit to the left.
F. Nobody behind me, no reason to sprint.

Total Time Lost - 00:34:00

Split Analysis

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