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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: 27th Annual


1. Alone on the first control of the Billygoat? Inconcievable.... Actually turnedd map over and seeing 1 well south I took off after JJ to avoid crap S of quarry, but at trail jct set off straight for control, through saddle on trail and crossing large powerline just S of marsh on hill, saw lead pack way down hill, pretty much straight across and down large reentrant getting into #1 with lead pack. Even though moving pretty fast, being alone and reading map allowed me to look ahead - I didn't want to skip on the N side of the mountain since the crappier woods were south, and #9 quickly looked to be the best skip unless circumstances forced me to bail on a control before then.
2. S of pond, then straight, but went S of small marsh past trail when pack went L - from other side of marsh it was cleanly up spur
3. pretty straight, slowly being passed by others
4. straight, up reentrant - slow & hot
5. straight, w/ short climb on trail - catch Peter in here, running well across the slope
6. running on bearing with benefit of a drawn out string of folks ahead in open woods - pass Peter @ control who tells me he already skipped
7. +10:00downhill following with little map contact - major mistake - about 2/3 of the way lost the train and had to slow way down to reestablish contact with map. Was finally sure again near large cliff E of line - Eddie catches up to me here, much to my surprise. Slow picking in laurel, but then popped out on trail, but missing trail under circle I assumed I overshot and turned W. Lots of fast people hunting, not a good sign. Calm down, refocus, see second trail and decide to relocate from boulder field next to trail NE of circle since I had good mental image of that feature - good from there but lost time by not doing my own navigating down the hill
8. to marsh, then bearing S of line
9. Skip
10. +00:30hesitate @ 8 to let Ernst & David Onkst go and hear Eddie come behind and say "Do it" - which was my plan anyway - away we went to trail & easy in on reentrant / hill - but pulled up slow so last 100m were hesitant
11. straight w/ Peter & a crowd - mentioning to Peter that this surpasses my longest run of the year - and from here on out the tank began to empty quickly
12. +00:45right of line but strayed too far R crossing trails which cost extra climb & slight backtrack - pass Peter and others leaving control
13. straight, clean but obviously slowing - 5 cups gatorade & control
14. a little R to save climb, but clean
15. +00:45N of hill, then combo of trails w/ Adam Rudner?, recatch Peter near water tower but he seems pulled R a bit - tentative heading down but eventually clean - good ankle twist about halfway
16. walking now - watch Adam & Peter dissapear for good, walking and waiting to be swallowed up - but never saw anyone again, next three straight, slow, painful but clean - nice woods too - shame I couldn't run in here
20. didn't want to face green, damp and rocky reentrant so jogged (if you could call it that) around on trail to avoid climb - pushed up the reentrant still waiting to be overtaken
21. slow - so straight bearing - no clearing, no problem
F. +00:30mentally & physically spent I just went for trail to L - jogged past finish & had to come back and in

Total Time Lost - 00:12:30

Split Analysis

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