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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: 27th Annual


1. Just so it's clear, I've been on the map a number of times, including once setting courses for an A meet, once setting the Billygoat, and once a couple of years ago vetting courses for an A meet. Plus maybe 15 training courses. So I have a good sense of the map and the woods, and that helps a lot. But it doesn't necessarily keep me from doing stupid things. Stayed on trails over to the power line (while everyone around me seemed to taking straighter routes). I think my route was fine, as I got to 1 in the company of some faster folks. My routes.
2. Past the pond, I missed where I wanted to turn off to 2, and by the time I realized it, well, why not just skip 2. I knew the terrain from 2 to 3 was rough, and this would allow me the watch the faster guys come by. Dragged along Daniel Schaublin, Steve Gregg, and Alar (I think).
3. No problem.
4. Took awhile to decide whether it was better to take the trail right. Took it. It wasn't. Lots of the fast guys there as I neared 4, perhaps wondering what I was doing there.
5. Following the line of people, struggling physically.
6. Ditto, also caught a branch in the left eye (the non-contact one, used for map reading), can't believe it didn't give me a bad corneal abrasion. By the time I reached 6, I was last in line and the ones in front were disappearing fast.
7. Not the best route -- should have gone further right, stayed right of the pond. Rest of the route was good, spiked the control, being very careful the last 150 meters (and spending time to figure the boulder was in a reentrant, not on a spur). Lots of people lost time here, it's a nasty area, much nastier than the map would indicate. Also managed to go in waist deep at the pond. Thought I was skirting the left end but was crossing right in the middle. Ernst and David Onkst with me for a while, but they disappeared to the right before long.
8. A tough time getting away from the control (very thick), then a nice route to the right, past two stone walls and right to the control, catching back up to Daniel and Ted Good, and briefly seeing Kenny Walker.
9. With Daniel and Ted. Rougher/thicker than you would think, fortunately picked up a couple of sections of new bike trail. Trail was windy and rocky, but still helped, even if I had no idea where it was going. Left it aftrer a while and did a good job relocating.
10. Took a look at the map leaving the control and had the idea that I need to stay a little left. Meanwhile Ted was zipping off, and in trying to stey with him I didn't take another look at the map until climbing the hill on the other side of the stream, at which point it was, "Where the hell am I?" Once on the trail, I stood there for a while making sure that's where I was. Wasn't really sure, so back down to the stream and in to the control the way originally intended. Pretty bad, but could have been a lot worse. Picked up a crowd at the control -- Eddie (who would soon be gone ahead), Ernst, Greg, Ted, Daniel again, Alan Yound, David Onkst, maybe one or two others.
11. Following the crowd, though Greg did a moonwalk off to the right just before the control.
12. A bunch of junky forest for the first half of the leg. Following the crowd, losing a little ground but not too much, as no one was moving very fast.
15. Chasing Ernst and Alan. We took different routes after getting past the big hill on the left and I was by myself for a while. Had a hard time picking up the trails, got a bit confused, eventually got down to the area of the control with 2 or 3 others. We stopped a bit short, and Clint caught up.
16. Walked up the first slope, and when it flattened out it seemed like no one was in a hurry to run, so I gave it a try and didn't feel too bad and I made pretty good progress over to 16, leaving the others behind. Saw Ernst and Alan 100 meters ahead on the way to 17.
17. Climbing the hill as fast as I could, trying to close the gap to Ernst, and by 17 I was within 30 meters of him. Figured he must be feeling bad, because normally he'd be much quicker.
18. Over and then down, moving well, catch up to Alan and Ernst.
19. Over to the trail junction, then straight up the hill. A real slog. Alan was a little quicker.
20. Straight through a variety of crap (laurel, briers, young hemlocks), then up to the control. Alan was out of sight ahead, but Ernst was a bit behind.
21. Working hard, ran at a good pace right through the finsh and out via the clearing, to make the control simple, except for the fact the the last control wasn't visible from the end of the clearing (further away, different direction that expected), Finally spotted it just as Nadim comes whipping in. Argh!
F. Ended up 15th, best place in many years!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

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