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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. reading the map and making no effort to keep up with anyone. Behind Lori Huberman and her dog. A little distracting as she had to keep calling it to keep it in contact.
2. Bounced briefly off the bend in the road, reading the map well. In or at the end of a pack of some folks I didn't know, and Katia, Sam Levitin and Dean.
3. West to the road, in at the trail and spiked it. Dean and Sam in the area.
4. Went more or less straight as some people went high and some low. Converged at control.
5. Downhill as fast as possible, around on trail. Thought about cutting in before the marsh and going along the hillside, but lazy and stayed with trail. Off the back of the bunch, except just in front of Lori and the dog.
6. Most of the group went S on the trail to go around. I went straight, with a lot of walking. Dean was ahead. Went right to it, which caught me up.
7. More or less straight, and more or less at the end of the group.
8. Fairly straight.
9. Straight.
10. Went left around the hill, with Dean and Sam. Left the trail at the hairpin and took a straighter route, which wasn't so great. When I got to the road, Dean was about 70 m ahead. I assume he just stayed on the trail. The last I saw of Sam was when I left the trail. A lot of folks doglegging out of the control, presumably to take the trail around to 11.
11. Dean was almost out of sight leaving on a straight line route for 11. I took that too, but didn't see him until I got to the control, where I had caught up again.
12. Behind Dean, and went too far left through the green, coming out near the marsh. He was off ahead and again I didn't see him until the control.
13. Straight W to the trail junction, then along the trail pretty much all the way. Dean had gotten ahead, and I saw him ahead near the control.
14. Straight, but Dean was out of sight by the time I got there and I didn't see him again.
15. Left of the marsh and on trails past the hilltop. Hard fall on the way in. Meg Parson at the control.
16. +07:00Headed N, but a big mistake when I hit the trail. I thought I was just right of control and headed across and down the side of the reentrant, but I was actually left and going down some other imaginary reentrant, stumbling through the rocks and eventually ending up SW of the marsh. Time to stop and clean the salty glasses, which helped enough for me to see where I was. A buck with a big rack on the way to the control.
17. Road around to the boulder S of control. Meg again at the control.
18. WNW to road and on trails to jsct ESE of control. Then picked up trail again above cliffs and trail all the way. Meg caught up from behind.
19. +05:00S to marsh, then along marsh to rocky hillside, but overshot control and spent some time looking around. Looked back and saw Meg. I assume she got ahead of me.
20. +04:00NW to trail and around under yellow area, but got confused in all the rocks. Finally worked back from small yellow area NE of control.
21. Around to the right on trails, approaching from the N.
22. +05:00E to the trail, then trail to jct, trail E to bend and in. Down to base of cliff and - nothing! Wandered mostly downstream, looking higher on the hillside as well, before heading back and finding it at the smaller cliff beyond the one I first found, maybe 5 -10 feet from where I first stood. Scott Turner at the control.
23. Fairly straight, but then below the green area and had to climb a few lines. Scott seemed to have gone low, and he got there before me and out again.
24. +04:00No sign of Scott. Left across stone wall and too the trail S, along beach to building and up trail to pavement, then in along base of hill and by the rocky knoll. Looked at the cliff, but didn't see the control, so started looking around some more. Came back to the cliff and still didn't see the control, but then caught a corner of it peeking out from behind a tree. Pretty frustrating.
25. +04:00A little left of line, then contouring along hillside, apparently just below control. Got by it to end of rocky ground, then came back higher, just above it, and saw the reentrant, but would have missed it again except there was Scott, punching. Not much of a reentrant.
26. S to the road, where I popped out at the same time as Scott, but 75 m further E. Straggling behind in to the control area, where Jeff Schapiro and Scott were bouncing around among the boulders trying to find the right place.
27. Well behind Scott, but he kept going on the road and I cut in from the trail after the field and right to it.
F. Hustling, and got in before Scott.

Total Time Lost - 00:29:00

Split Analysis

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