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Race Evaluation

US Team Fundraiser: Green


1. Up hill, along top
2. Down to road, crossed little bridge by church, up reentrant
5. +22:00Did not see circle or number (very light printing!) until I reached down at 6 to punch and noticed - no water and wrong number. Rather than kill the day, went back to 5. Route from 4 was L to trail, up reentrant across from 5! and down other side, up reentrant and in. To go back decided to take route around by lake, L from 6 to indist trail, along lake, trail to 5.
6. Route along lake seemed faster and easier, so went back to 6 this way.
9. Up and over 2 reentrants/spurs, L down reentrant, up to bend in trail and down to cabin.
10. Along lake, L along indist trail again to saddle, up to ridge line to even with rootstock, down

Total Time Lost - 00:22:00

Split Analysis

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