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Race Evaluation

Fall Foliage Festival: Green_finalY


1. st on paths, care for correct one! needed a good start
2. came out on L hand path but unsure - ran along looking a compass, finally nature of intersection, then saw big bldr - finally secure...dumb...
3. short, straight
4. st across, over top - had been there on way to #1 in am - not exactly where I expected it to be but no loss
5. st, Bob Dangel in picture
6. to intersection, straight
7. path to right, to height, over knoll & could see other knoll - Jim Crawford scratching on high knoll
8. st into some confusion - was not st, things did not match - Bob D got ahead, Tim P came into sight & got there by hook & crook
9. st, saw pond!! WTF!! but cont'd, Carl C around, pressed on , not entirely matching, then trail & bend which fit as did grn upcoming - some others ahead & control (turns out there is an open marsh, very hard to see....)
10. +01:30elected st, Bob D more to L; then flubbed contour reading & rky grnd for RF- went for control that was not there -saw big bldr, finally figured out & went some 60m ese to control - Bob ahead, grr!
11. +00:30st, caught Bob (he'd fallen hard) - we were both searching in what had to be the right place - finally found, tucked away
12. +01:00contoured & then down to bott, & up to path & then a search for the correct small rf with Bob
13. picking paths, with Bob, got away faster
14. paths to same last control as in am
F. skedaddle

Total Time Lost - 00:03:00

Split Analysis

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