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Race Evaluation

Fall Foliage Festival: Red_finalX


1. Moving too fast to read the map properly, and went the wrong way to pick up the small trail that I had used in the qualifier. Kind of around the green to the right, no problem.
6. Off by a smidge to the right (downhill), had to climb up.
10. Too far right, confused by what looked like other hills on the ground that I couldn't find on the map.
11. A little off to the left, checked out a couple of other unmapped clearings before I got to the one with the control. Krum caught me here (2 minutes).
12. Intended to go pretty straight, but was influenced by Krum and Craig Weber, who went further left, and I dropped down behind them. Should have kept going straight.
13. Out to the little trail, right at the T junction, then ran past the worst of the green and cut across to the other trail, all trails from that point.
14. Should have gone W to the trail, but went S to the other trail, which was probably slower.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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