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Race Evaluation

Fall Foliage Festival: Green_finalX


1. From watching earlier starters, saw that over to the the big trail was an option - a quick check at the whistle confirmed a better attackpoitn than coming over the top. Took of blazing through the crowd, to the trail junction, small stream. Angle in and up - saw folks descending- checked to make sure I was clear on what i was looking for.
2. Realized I'd been here before in the morning - angle down to the trickle, cross and work through the blowdown and briars.
3. Decided on approaching from the right - planned on hitting the trail early and following them through the junctions, but ended up closer to the line. Past the broad knoll in the green, but the final trail - to the junction, up a bit then cut in. Yeah - a small rock. But there was a flag by it, must be the right one.
4. Rough compass, surpised when I hit the trail - hadn't seen it under the red line. Cut right before the junction, sort of a reentrant, saw rock stuff to my left front, realized it was the rock face on the knoll, turned right, saw some rockier ground then around a bit of a shoulder and saw the flag.
5. Over the edge of the knoll, and other smallknoll in thicker stuff, more pines in front of me, should be just past that - and it was, along with Tim P, who'd started 2 minutes in front of me.
6. Rough compass, small rocky knoll, bit of a reentrant , then some rack stuff to the right front, could be the side of a rocky spur, up and over the top and jumped down to the flag, Tim right by me.
7. Chasing Tim to the spectator control.
8. Up the trail - feet hurting from the sharp rocks underfoot, Tim pulling away a bit. Almost went in from the first trail junction then realized I need to go left to the next. Went in form the junction, Tim took teh right trail up a bit before dropping in - beat me to it by a bit.
9. Over to the trail - only catching glimpses of Tim through the trees. Would not be good to make up 2 minutes on him on the firt half, only to lose it on the second half. Past some rocky stuff, then spur on the right. Up it, need to go left some more. Saw some rock stuff, look right and there's a flag - couldn't see a rockface on the map, but looked close enough on the ground and the code was correct.
10. Rough compass through the thick stuff, around the water hole that took me a bit to find on the map. Hit the small trail, staright across the larger trail, startling some walkers. Cut in from the sharp corner, but wandered a bit right through the pines. HIt the corner of the very small trail, reoriented and pegged it from that angle.
11. Angle down to the trail, around the head of the reentrant. Cut the corner, nit the trail by the top of the knoll, in from the boulder and in - nice elephant path leaving the control that I could see from above helped.
12. +01:15Bah - almost really botched this. Through the trail junctions - plan was to take the trail that looped around the N end of the knoll, Second rock face on my left once I was around the W side, then drop just a bit. A few more rock bits there, an early control close to the trail and elephant tracks allup and down the hillside from earlier runners. Ended up dropping too soon, dropping too far, circling around a bit, before climbing up to it. Marie A blazing in as I was leaving.
13. Short distance on the small trail, drop to the lower trail, cut over and take the trail through the saddle, and come in via contours and rock features. Things popped when and where I expected them. Marie had taken a higher approach punched right after me.
14. Marie got to the trail first, followed her down and around.
F. Not a lot of speed left.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:15

Split Analysis

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