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Race Evaluation

US Two-day Classic O Championships: Day 2 Blue


1. Saw the trail option, but decided to go straight. Ran a bit cautiously at first to see how my ankle was holding up.
2. +08:00Ended up losing map contact without even finding the first trail. At a couple of points I thought I had regained it, but each time I turned out to be wrong. The second time I barged down the hill W of the trail S of the control. After deciding I was in the wrong spot I tried finding the trail again, but couldn't. However, after guessing correctly which trail I had been on, I was able to follow the row of cliffs going N until I hit the control.
3. Making sure to hit the tip of the larger marsh before dropping down onto the spur/reentrant.
4. Left of the marshes, annoyed at having to climb up on the last hill just to punch.
5. Not sure why I was so slow here.
6. After eating some Gu I heard someone (Neil as it turns out) running into the control behind me, so I left and headed slightly north to cross the marsh in a drier spot. This also aligned well with crossing the second larger marsh. I hit these where I wanted to, and started heading slightly more S again. When approaching the circle, I still ended up too far N, whereas Neil passed me by reading the map better into the circle.
7. Stayed to the right of the two lines of cliffs and then went straight over the small hill to spike the control.
8. Ran quickly along the marsh, seeing Neil still up ahead.
9. Ran too fast
Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Neil headed too far N for my taste, whereas I wanted to just go far enough N to avoid the worst cliffs, but hit the trail T intersection. As I was running N on the trail, Neil came in from the W just behind me. I ran fast to stay ahead of him, but alas missed the sharp left turn before the big marsh, and stopped 5m into the marsh being confused as to what to do. I decided to go back to the trail and follow it a bit longer, but Neil was nowhere to be seen. I left the trail at the next T intersection and went on compass. I saw William to my right, too far I thought. But as I hit the marsh where I thought the control would be, there was no bag. I figured out that I was at the marsh just NW of the bag, and that William had been on a better course.
10. After another Gu I saw Ross heading my way. I figured I would try to keep him behind me for as long as possible, and headed straight for the next control. It was an easy one - just right of the marsh and up to the cliff.
11. Ran too fast
Ross was still behind me, but the next control was a bit trickier. I went a little bit too far to the right in my frenzy to keep him behind me.
12. The next leg was uphill, and I could no longer prevent Ross from catching up. The control was not hard to find, but Ross went further to the right and passed me on this leg.
13. I was a bit intimidated by this leg, but Ross seemed to attack it with gusto, which inspired me. He went further to the right than I wanted - I stayed further left to avoid the small area of light green. Coming down the hillside I saw him far below me. I hit the shelf which was easily identifiable, and it was easy to duck between the two cliffs and head into the circle from there. As I approached I saw Will leaving with Ross in tow. I figured this was the last I would see of them, and I was right.
14. I headed straight at first, maybe a bit to the right. I wanted to get through the right green and then head straight down the hill. As I was getting closer to the control, I realized that I didn't have any good catching features. I should have stayed further to the left so I would have seen the reentrant / trail. By pure luck I ran straight into the control anyhow.
15. More or less straight. Maybe I should have tried to avoid the hill in the middle more, but it was only a couple of lines of climb.
16. Bad compass work
Drifted to the right while in the green.
17. Left the trail a bit late maybe.
18. Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
Pushing hard up the hill, which was tough. As I hit the first trail, I somehow imagined by wishful thinking that I was already at the faint one up ahead. I turned right and only caught my mistake when I saw a bridge crossing the stream. This caused me to spend more time in the light green than I had hoped for. Finally found the trail and used the trail / reentrant / stream to guide me in.
19. Confused parallel features
Saw that I had to just run along the base of the hill, but when I got to the second hill/spur on the left, I didn't see it on the map, so I almost stopped a bit short wondering if I had gone too far.
20. Cut to the road and used the small bend as an attack point for when to head E into the clearing.
21. Some person I had almost caught up with was running fast in not quite the right direction. I tried to catch him but he was quite a fast runner and corrected his mistake.
F. Sprinted hard as I was just a few meters behind someone.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:20

Split Analysis

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