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Race Evaluation

US Two-day Classic O Championships: Day 1 Green X


1. down path to stream, around hill base - straight would have beenbetter/bolder
2. st NNE thru cliffs, into rock free area to marsh/stream, on top too early but could see pond
3. barely deviated fm the st route - confused maybe 20" once - lose contact, be lost....
4. to stream & up
5. +16:00disaster! away along marsh, crossed path & then got lost in myriad of small marshes - somewhere, somehow lost focus & stopped concentrating - fog finally cleared too late
6. st, read all - saw kadley nr control
7. +01:30st - across lg marsh & ontp N island - got across, went L expecting to see stream - got to NE corner, figured it out & could see lg open swamp's light thru trees
8. +00:30down reent - pulled up too soon because of photographer, turned around then cont'd
9. picked up path, S along cliffs, onto spur
10. +00:20SSW to cliffs, thru them a bit hi & slow going down looking for knoll
11. +00:20picked up path system, saw control at stream jct but assumed wrong stream jct - went on, found another, unexpected stream jct & proceeded
12. went down reent - did not see direst path
F. skedaddle

Total Time Lost - 00:18:40

Split Analysis

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