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Race Evaluation

QOC Wheaton: Green


1. P D P R Nice to have a long leg right out of the gate. Since I wasn't warned up, I stuck mostly to trails, cutting through the woods only a couple times. Hesitated as I got close, because I wasn't looking at my control description, and I thought for a second I was looking for a re-entrant instead of a spur.
2. P D P R Fairly straight.
3. P D P R Bobbled a little too far east, and bounced off the next gully over. No solid plan on this one.
4. P D P R Down to the trail and around. This was the right choice on this leg.
5. P D P R Straight up and over the hill. Woods were pretty open, so I think this was a good option.
6. P D P R Straight.
7. P D P R Down to the trail, cut through the clearing, then straight in from the road.
8. P D P R Doglegged out of 7 a little, since the woods west of 7 were a little junky.
9. P D P R Left 8 going the wrong direction, and completely lost focus.
10. P D P R Straight
11. P D P R Cut up to the trail from 10, woods were junky enough that I thought this was a good choice, but in hindsight I lost some time by not going straight. Took the trail to the train tracks, then the woods were a bit marshier than I expected, and I was just a little east of my intended line.
12. P D P R Trails.
F. P D P R Straight.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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