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Race Evaluation

Possum Trot VIII:


1. I took the lead leaving the triangle, then lost a good ten spots by cutting a corner through the forest.
2. A couple of small reentrants along the leg to read made it pretty easy.
3. Nadim went a bit left of the line and then turned right and ran past the control.
4. Tom was in the lead on this leg. He dropped down the hill a bit sharply while I stayed higher along the hillside.
5. Climbed up the uncrossable cliff. I slipped a bit on some wet rock. That should have been my first warning that I wasn't wearing my spiked shoes. I'd meant to wear them, knowing that the rain would come. But my spiked shoes look just like my non-spiked shoes (except from the bottom, of course) and I put on the wrong shoes without thinking.
6. I got some water at 6 and said hello to Mary and Gene. I asked how far back we were. Mook and Platt came through together, 4 minutes ahead of us.
7. I fell on my shoulder (same shoulder I hurt a couple of weeks ago) near the control. The pack went by me (apparently thinking I'd taken a dive to force them to take the lead). I got back on my feet, ran about ten steps and took another fall.
8. Stayed on the trail longer than I should have. I was looking for a bit nicer forest before I left the trail. I should have just plunged in to the thick stuff. I saw Tom to my left. But it wasn't Tom, it was Lisa in her "Team Puerto Rico" O' suit.
9. I didn't see the route to the right until I'd started to the left. I stopped and thought about turning back, then decided I'd come far enough that it wasn't worth going back (plus the trail near the end of the right route looked sketchy).
10. I tried to pick it up a bit with the hope of dropping Tom and Aaron.
11. The reentrant wasn't quite what I expected.
12. Wandered out of 11 and planned to go up the hill. But the woods looked crappy so I headed up the road toward the entrance to the camp. I should have just gone straight. My legs felt tired going up the hill. Mary and Gene were at 12, but had just arrived and didn't know who'd already been through. I think this is when it started to rain.
14. I left 13 a bit quick. Once again I was trying to drop Aaron and Tom. I shouldn't bother trying to run away from people who run faster than me. Anyway, I drifted a bit off the line I planned. It didn't cost more than a few seconds, but it was wasted energy. I walked a bit of the downhill to the control and some of the thick stuff about 100 meters before the control. As far as I could tell I was alone at 14. I figued Aaron and Tom must have skipped.
15. I walked up the hill. 15 looked tricky but the contours fit and I came right to it. The flag was a bit tucked in to a cedar, so I might have been a bit lucky to spot it.
16. On the trail to 16 I took a look at the rest of the course trying to decide on skips.
17. Leaving 16 I saw Tom coming to it. After a clunk of Gookinaid at the water stop I saw Platt on his way to 20. He looked strong.
18. I never found the indistinct trail to 18. Maybe I was on it? I skidded (wishing I had my spikes) on some rocks on the downhill. I walked up to the flag. My legs felt tired.
19. Walked a bit out of 18. I was wearing glasses (over contacts) and was wondering if it was raining enough that I'd be better off without the glasses. I decided it was still ok.
20. Another slow downhill -- slipping on the rocks. Another walk up the hill.
21. Running toward the construction area I heard dogs barking. I spotted them -- two, not square-headed. One of them followed me the rest of the course.
22. Skip
23. Skip
24. A little off line to the right. It saved a line of climb, but it wasn't intended and it probably wasn't faster.
F. I didn't see anyone behind me (but I heard the dog's footsteps). I finished feeling tired, but not dead. Buckley was standing at the finish and I'd have like to have beaten him. At least Dave Frie was still behind me.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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