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Race Evaluation

Hammond Pond: Green


1. Straight, going slightly R of line through sharp reentrant with cliff on N side.
2. +01:00Hit wall near E end, but then drawn off to control visible from afar on cliff to E of the control. Checked code on clue sheet and thought I saw 171, but as I looked around I saw I was clearly too close to the trail, so checked code again and realized I was looking for 174. Simple correction from there.
3. +00:10Straight crossing both branches of stream. Again saw wrong control from a distance and overran about 30 m, but not much time lost.
4. To trail before crossing. No traffic this direction.
5. Steered a little too far S avoiding the marsh and wound up running S of the rocky hill taking advantage of trail. Cut due N through manageable green and nailed control to minimize losses.
6. Straight, problably hitting more green than needed. Slight hesitation on ridge.
7. +00:45Again failed to navigate this marsh effectively. I was delighted to cross over a slightly muddy area which I assumed indicated that I was still N of the control. However, when I hit the rise on the far side and turned L, I hit control #8. At least the correction was quick.
8. Easy in reverse.
9. Probably a little more R of the line than ideal, but loss of time insignificant.
10. +00:15Didn't do this one as well as I would have liked. I thought I recognized the point of the broad reentrant, but hedged my bets by climbing more steeply than necessary and taxing my still tenuous level of conditioning.
11. Thought of running trail, but then decided the attack would be easier from the line of cliffs. Actually did not see 4 cliffs in a row, but did recognize the bare rock to S of cliff line and dropped into reentrant nicely.
12. +00:25Missed the trail option to the E, so went N up reentrant and then through green coming out on NW corner of now very crossable swamp. Was confused by contours near flag, and checked out boulders 40 m to S.
13. +00:45Route S of large cliffs probably better, but I had started out directly to the E as I left the control and decided that adjustment of route at that point would no longer be beneficial. The difference was probably only about 5-10 seconds, but then I practically stood on top of the control for another 35 seconds without seeing it.
14. Easy, though a few seconds lost to traffic.
15. Ran along road until opposite parking lot, then tried unsuccessfully to pick up indistinct trail. Still, the running was wide open, and I did see the trail intersection NW of the control to serve as a takeoff point for the climb.
16. Was concerned about possible impassable cliffs, so went almost due S to trail.
F. Feeling drained and unwilling to hazard a fall, so jogged to finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:20

Split Analysis

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