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Race Evaluation

OOC Timm Drive 2018: LongAdv


1. I soon noticed that I had no control descriptions on either map. I thought I could persevere but after control 1 I returned to start and was granted a restart.
2. I don't understand how this leg was highest placing leg.
3. I drifted about 90m south of control when I hit road and circled back.
4. I took Haanel up to intersection and the through fields to trail but the run past homestead took longer than I thought it would.
5. NW to familiar trail
6. ENE to familiar trails
7. straight shot along hydro corridor and then off TCTrail
8. long west run crosscountry to third trail then S to run beside Timm raising my placing, ate along the trail and road run
9. distracted by 11 I was delayed getting here
10. I joined trail about 100m west of control and had to rely on another to point out location.
11. having already seen this control, it was a fast leg.
12. long run on road and trail but I went to far into homestead and had to back track, setting me back to the placing I would finish with
13. short quick leg along cedar fence remnant
14. immediately back to trail for trail running
15. poorest placing leg, hesitating far too long coming to trail crossing

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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