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Race Evaluation

Queens Birthday III - 2018: Day3 Hard 2


1. P P A bit hesitant
2. P Slow downhill, now 15th overall
3. P D P R +01:15Horrible. Discombobulated after my minute man went AWOL up to the left. Could not relocate.
4. P R Better, 5th quickest and up 8 places to 32nd.
5. P R A bit slow out of the control but OK
6. P R Second fastest, tied with Stephen C.
7. P R Uphill, but still good. 6th on the leg and up to 18th
8. P R +00:20Should have gone back down immediately. Slow over the rocky ground halfway
9. D P R Good compass
10. D P Good
11. D P Saw WD leaving
12. D P Picked the gully
F. P

Total Time Lost - 00:01:35

Split Analysis

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