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Race Evaluation

SLOC Summer Series - Race 3: Green


1. Was in no rush to head off in the wrong direction, so I took a few seconds to orient the map.
2. Left. I think right might have been a few seconds faster.
3. Straight; simple leg.
4. Right. Control was on sewer rather than the hydrant, but it was easy to see from the hydrant, so only a few seconds lost.
5. Left.
6. Straight. Grass was pretty high.
7. Straight.
8. +00:20Drifted way right for some reason. Had to run down the road for 100m to get to the big bridge.
9. +00:40Route north was very overgrown at the control, so I decided to go around. Turned out to be a bad choice. Bill said the running was fine after a few meters and he beat me by quite a bit on the leg.
10. Right.
11. Right.
12. Left and took the ford. Water was higher than usual, but it was still a pretty quick crossing.
13. Badly misplaced control. Clue was veg boundary, and it was on the veg boundary 100m to the east. As I took the route right along the lake, I didn't see it until I had run all the way to the correct location. Those who took the longer route on the path were rewarded with finding it early. I don't think it changed the outcome, but it did spoil an otherwise good course.
14. Straight.
15. Straight.
F. Straight.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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