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Race Evaluation

Harriman A Meet: Green X


1. +07:00Continuation of bad finish Sat. Trail to bend, climbed hill, crossed power line followed line of cliffs to marsh area but no bag. Couldn't figure location but a big marsh to L suggested was above control. So down thru cut, around marsh to gr but no bag - akkkk wrong marsh. Climb back up but to a flat L of bag - where's the marsh. Finally figured need to climb cliff to E and there was the bag buried in Gr.
2. Climb scree between cliffs, along top/ spur then R but slightly below bag.
3. Down to trail to power line, over hill around green and in.
4. Around marsh, thru opening in Gr, up near reentrant, contour over spur past other rock.
5. Down to trail, along animal track below gr, up past little hill around cliff.
6. Straight
7. +06:00Ugh!!! another loser. Started R but looked thick so back up rocky cut thru gr. Up gradual spur, ran into Lyn going same place. Passed Rock cluster to L but saw a long line of cliffs to R that couldn't (or wouldn't) place. Thought those were to L already for some reason. Ran over rocky knoll to little hill with cliff on far side BUT NO BAG. UCK. Drifted back across reentrant pondering map. Finally placed cliff line and went around to R over the really rocky knoll and around cliff to bag.
8. Rest went fine.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:00

Split Analysis

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