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Race Evaluation

QOC: Hemlock Overlook Regional Park: Green


1. Went around the reentrant and nailed this one fairly well.
3. Bobbed and weaved to the trail. Cut the corner to the floodplain just as I was caught by some horses. A very conservative aimoff. Ran along the bottom and saw the bag. The Georgetown group was sitting at the control while both Lennons passed me here.
4. Was planning to go around, but followed the train straight instead. Ran the unmapped trail, was caught by the horses again. Didn't leave the trail until I saw the control (Kathleen) upstream.
5. Spur was very flat below the control. Hit the ditch to the south and went up. Saw plenty of others wandering to the south.
6. NE to the trail, then NE on the trail, staying on the ridge. A couple of blockages, but nothing major. Wanted no part of the steep reentrants leading to Bull Run. Hit the entrance road, ran through assembly, then to the trail. Control was visible from the trail.
7. Down and up to the clearing. Stayed on trail too long and used the left edge of the spur to guide me back. Both Lennons passed me again.
8. Saw Noah Bartlett and Marmie S-W on the way out, they was still going to 7 (Brown 6). Crossed spur to the stream, then up a long ditch to another trail, that trail to clearing, then over to the gap between the green. Missed a little high. Noah beat me there by going straight through all the green, which he said wasn't too bad.
9. Couldn't decide between fence left and clearing right. Eventually chose clearing. Found an elephant track to get from the road to the hill. Plus that created a dogleg and I saw Noah and two others coming out.
10. Started to go road around, but the ditch looked good and took that instead. Very open. Caught Noah who was slowed by the green going straight. Attacked from the junction and missed a little high. Streamers added to the confusion, since the finish was described as unmarked route.
F. Streamers went from GO to registration instead of finish, so the route was unmarked.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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