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Race Evaluation

QOC: Hemlock Overlook Regional Park: Green


1. +03:00Green was a shorter version of Blue. Like Nadim, I ended up at the trail to the left, but I topped that and went to the next shorter trail to the left as well. Actually, I was very surprised that I figured this control out...
2. To the Horseshoe Trail and then south on it a bit trying to decide whether to take the trail around or not. Decided on cross country before the intersection. Slow but no error.
3. Slow and steady. Go through the deadfall. Nailed this one.
4. +01:00Ended up a bit low on the Blue Trail below the control. Went up the dry stream bed and found it.
5. +02:00Messed this one up by - not sure how I even worked it out. At this point I am thinking that this a challenging course.
6. The dreaded long leg, a la FH...In retrospect, it would have been better to go up through the settled area, but I decided I wanted to visit the Bull Run. So, I worked my way towards #2 and dropped to the trail along the water. Took this to the steep indistinct (but not too indistinct) trail below the control. Stopped at a Yellow control along the way for a drink of water.
7. +01:00Head to the clearing. Missed the control a little to the SE, and used the ditches to recover.
8. Through all the crap to the trail by the stream. Stay along this a bit and then up to the farmhouse. Control seemed further back than I thought it would be, but it was in the reentrant.
9. Back to the clearing and down until I see Yates Ford Road. Climb over the fence after palming a nice big poison ivy wine.
10. +05:00Lose my mind here. Can't find the control. Wandering around the parking lot chatting to people. Gosh, how hard can it be - parking lot, road, close by. Finally find it after deciding to see what was at the end of the streamers by the registration pavilion. God, what a moron!!
F. A discouraged run to the finish. But, I enjoyed myself. Really, I did! Have to say that this was a good course in terms of being a challenge.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:00

Split Analysis

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