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Race Evaluation

US Sprint/Middle/Long Championships: Red Long


1. Unused to map
Unused to terrain
intentionally slow to start off to get into the map
2. Unused to map
Unused to terrain
Reading the map a lot - getting used to terrain and map
3. Red line straight to the control
4. +07:00Didn't see the control - twice! Went back to the corner of the rock face 2 x to retry.
5. +03:00Spent a bit of time looking at the routes. Went south/east of Dragon Teeths pond.
13. Started to feel cramps in the hamstrings. Not good.
14. +01:00Stopped for a gel and a salt packet.
15. +03:00couldnt run.... This was a cool control location. Required some detailed map reading. Missed on a parallel feature the first try.
16. Tired
Saw the correct reentrant on the way into 15 but missed it coming out. Ended up in marshy area to the N.
17. Took a chance
Tried going east along lake past the first tower but didnt think i could get through so dbled back thru marshy area and to west of tower
18. Tired
Completely ran out of gas. Anything more than walk brought on cramps. Actually, surprised this didn't take longer.
19. Tired
No legs. Had to take easiest route I could find.
F. Tired
That was a long course on a hot day.

Total Time Lost - 00:34:00

Split Analysis

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