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Race Evaluation

US Sprint/Middle/Long Championships: Red Long


1. Did not plan ahead
Had trouble folding map due to *%&((^ thin map bag!
2. Did not follow plan
basically straight, couldn't decide which way to go around pond; eventually went along west side
3. took trail SE of cliffs - spiked it
4. Confused parallel features
went straight but couldn't distinguish one mima mound from another. Ran in circles after pace count ran out and finally spotted it hidden in the tall grass.
5. went east of pond, through middle of skinny marsh, east of larger marsh, stopped to drink at water drop, straight to control - spiked it
6. Bad route choice
ran trail to east - lost time attempting to go through cliffs, ended up getting back on trail and going around cliffs to the east
7. +00:10hesitated a little
8. spike
9. went slightly left of line then right of line and spiked it
10. Could not relocate
hit creek 200m west of #9 and mentally placed myself near water drop thinking I had just come from #5. Spent a couple minutes trying to match terrain before figuring out my mistake.
11. Decided to ditch map bag- I didn't want to litter so I put it in my the back of my shorts. Went in between cliff and lake right of line. Spiked it
12. spike
13. Hesitated
went left of line, through small marsh south of control. Unsure I was in right marsh at first.
14. spike
15. +00:15straight and then around cliff to the left just before control - hesitated at edge of circle
16. around to the left - spike
17. west to trail, north to west side of marsh, wiggled through middle of cliffs to the west of control - spike
18. +00:05straight- used white blob at N end of marsh and then followed trail a slight bit - missed just north but saw it right off.
19. through middle of large marshes then west to trail, followed almost all the way to finish and then dog legged into control.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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