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Race Evaluation

HVO A-Meet: Green - Day 1


1. takes some doing to get into reading - SW, up reent, then up, W, looking for reent - not the best approach
2. more just read all detail in going generally st; hi point just b4 CP
3. st & down, cross thru bldrs & could see marsh, into reent/drainage
4. up adjacent drainage, cliffs to left, up side reent, by marsh, and angle carefully reading various knolls & one reent
5. +02:00some confusion in first part of leg - then open marsh, & yellow part - also open mash (not field) & along tr & up - was to W - lost time
6. map looks impossible but terrain suggested the way to go, consulting map
7. SE to path, then along edge of open marsh, onto path to SW & up small reent to CP
8. SE on path, up reent/drainage to blue bifurcation, up reent & care thru grn to feature
9. care reading gray
10. some confusion early on, got paths sorted out to my relief/surprise, finally tiny drainage, into reent/CP
11. easier, more white, fewer contours to sort out
12. ENE to eventual broad reent, down & hang a rt at knoll/CP
13. NW, easy
14. follow left-hand contours across phone line to CP
F. skedaddle - surprised was near the top of all grn X - but some challenging map reading to explain time

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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