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Race Evaluation

WCOC / US Team A-Meet/WRE: Blue1 Day 2: Long


1. Had the map folded and route decided on by the time I was out of the chute. Headed straight for the saddle, then down the reentrant on the left side, just above the line of cliffs. Spike.
2. Did not plan ahead
Ended up going a bit further to the right than intended, avoiding some cliffs and climb, which in retrospect was quite a bit slower than going more straight.
3. Straight back. Spike.
4. Did not plan ahead
Read map too late
Hadn't made up my mind on this one until I had already headed out from the control. Ended up going a little to the right of the line, almost navigated to 6 before realizing I was going to 4. Execution error.
5. Spike.
6. Spike.
7. Went straight on the line. Spike.
8. A bit slow leaving #7, due to getting caught up in some rocks, but after that pretty clean. I'll call it a spike.
9. Went left around the big cliffs. Overshot by 10ft.
10. Did not plan ahead
Read map too late
Jordan shot off to the left and I hadn't chosen a route, but didn't like the idea of dropping immediately, so I headed up the hill... into the green. Bad idea.
11. Straight. Spike.
12. Headed down to the stream junction, then followed the stream to the trail, continued a bit along the stream and then ran up the reentrant and across the small trail into the big trail, then left around the green marsh, into the woods and up the reentrant. Finally, climbed (a bit slowly) and spiked it.
13. Hesitated
Moving slow after pushing on the long leg. But a spike nonetheless. Saw Eric heading to 12, which had me pushing hard on the butterfly loops. Spike.
14. Hesitated
Stopped to take a gu and tie my shoe. Not perfectly straight on my compass, and a bit hesitant in the vague woods. Spiked it in the end, but a lot of hesitation.
15. Beautiful. Spike.
16. Hesitated
A bit confused when I saw 20, not 100% sure of my location on the hillside, but figured it out quickly. I'll count it as a spike.
17. Hesitated
Hesitant again, but I think that's ok in this kind of vague area. Spike.
18. Hesitated
Paused to check my map right before hitting the control, but otherwise a spike.
19. Hesitated
Difficult to read the marshes, so some hesitation there, but basically fine. Spike.
20. Hesitated
Straight. Spike, but again hesitation.
21. Dropped a bit to avoid green, ran pretty hard. Spike.
22. Hesitated
Thought those 3 boulders were pretty small, but ok. Spike.
23. Saw Jordan heading off on his second butterfly loop. Apparently I put a lot of time on him somewhere. Basically went straight. The green was slow.
24. Did not follow plan
I planned to drop down to the marsh, but when I got there I didn't feel like going around the hill, so I went over. Lost some time in the green. Pretty tired.
25. Weaving around the line a bit, first left along the trail then up through the reentrant, then left on the trail again and a slow climb.
26. Did not check features en route
Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Somehow missed to the left. Really confused for a moment, by which point Eric had caught up, almost.
27. Little to the left of the line. Spike.
28. Little to the left again, slow through the green. Spike.
29. Out to the trail. Spike.
30. Through the saddle and then the gate in the fence. Busted out on the trail. Spike.
F. Spike.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:20

Split Analysis

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