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Race Evaluation

WCOC / US Team A-Meet/WRE: Green Day 2: Long


1. pretty much straight line but wanted/thought i was in rt hand reentrant just outside circle & actually was in lefthand - realized & adjusted w/o loss but brief confusion
2. about straight, AP the knoll about 60m S
3. +00:10very careful - can only lose time - was right by rockpile but controls were close in
4. picked way thry walls, used 100m of stream, nearly st line
5. went a bit L around the contours - after path, needed to get to marsh for a reasonable AP - spotted lg boulder & was reoriented
6. think i had fastest split on this - to R of big cliff, pick up X, path & at bend cross marsh,. up reentrant, AP the oval knoll about 60m NW - maybe 4 other runners converged here
7. +02:30easier to yellow path than it appeared - went east on it to bottom thru marsh, along stream, & along E side of southern marsh. Around here, felt like someone was persistently close behind. Went across path &, being a bit distracted by others, went to L, got on wrong knoll system, went to end, no rockface/control - in milling, saw path/stream intersection maybe 70m distant, figured out where i was & went to control. 11' vs fastest of 8' -seems i lost c. 2.5'
8. pretty much st, W side of marsh
9. crashed E thru green into big reentrant, then N around spur w/ unx marsh for handle - went S to find trail bend & reassurance & then picked way across spurs
10. st/up/over - considered ponds but often hang onto the straight line, occ to my detriment
11. pretty much straight - a period of distraction re am I being followed/or I am....
12. again straight, reading all i encountered - never looked long enough to see right or left routes - not as heads up as Saturday in that regard - just plow ahead
13. N to path & in
F. hurry along

Total Time Lost - 00:02:40

Split Analysis

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