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Race Evaluation

MVOC: Flying Pig Sprints: Red


1. Followed the left edge of the big reentrant right to the control. Thought about taking the road, but the woods looked OK and I figured it would be easier to get into the map running along such an easy handrail.
3. Missed right and hit the trail (was running loose since I knew the trail would catch me). Easy recovery - minimal time loss.
5. A little hesitant in the circle. First of several Juniper Grove incidents (mapped like rough open even though it's thick woods).
6. +01:00Missed left - easy relocation and followed the fence to the control.
7. +02:30Second (and most significant) Juniper Grove incident. Spiked my attack point, but figured I must have missed it because there was thick forest where I was expecting to see fields. Went right all the way (150m) to the fence before realizing what had happened.
8. +01:00Just a plain stupid boom on this one. I guess I hadn't recovered mentally from 7.
11. Final Juniper Grove incident. Would have taken the trail to the right, but the field route looked great. Until, of course, the field turned out to be thick nasty woods. At least this time I figured it out immediately and managed to execute the route without significant time loss.
12. Took a slow route along the stream. Not sure how much faster the trail would have been.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:30

Split Analysis

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