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Race Evaluation

MVOC: Flying Pig Sprints: Red


1. I was warming-up longer than anticipated and got to the start just in time. Both Peggy and Sharon Crawford started 8 and 4 mintues ahead respectively. I only considered the trail routes w/o seeing the road option. I took the low trail to the right since it didn't seem to go both up and down. It ran out quicker than I thought it should, at a downed tree. I ran left and up to go around before crossing a stream and climbing on another trail. I was tentative on finding the right point on the bend to jump off and used the green to ID it. I ran left around the green and was glad to see it.
2. I ran straight but drifted right a little. This helped because I could use the reentrant to lead me up to it.
3. I went straight and realized the wet area along the way was the reentrant bottom. I went on to spike it and was surprised to see a wet pit on a spur.
4. I never saw the trail leaving #3. I just went straight, crossed the road and fence, then used the shape of the field to enter the woods on line. I also used the mowing in the field (rough open/open)to tell me where I was. I paused a couple paces into the woods, saw the reentrant/gully and also saw people converging there, just behind the bank. I ran down the spur to cross the stream and was there.
5. +00:35I jumped out of the gully quick and was off. In doing so, I didn't see the option to go around the reentrant to the right. I knew I was drifting left to avoid green areas and followed a shallow ditch down. I soon saw the spur and crossed near where the streams converged. I climbed up but didn't go far enough. I went back down and studied the map before going back up and punching.
6. Trying to go straight, I drifted right a little. As I crossed the stream, I saw Sharon Crawford cross my path, saw the stream convergence, and then turned right to chase her. She got there just ahead of me.
7. Sharon went up the hill and never saw me. I decided to go straighter. Getting through the green and crossing the stream wasn't bad. I used the tops of the reentrants to stay on course in the field and used the knolls to position my last reentry into the woods. I hit the biggest "middle gully," made the right choice to go right and saw the control in the next.
8. I didn't like the green up above, nor the extra climb. I was already feeling weak and tired from a cold. I ran (more like climbed and ducked) in the reentrant almost all the way to the next junction 250m downstream--it was very slow. I ran up the spur to cross the reentrant higher up, crossed, then saw the control from the edge of the gully.
9. Straight across the rough open and to the left of the knoll on the line, I crossed the green and came up the ridge to spike it. I thought this was a bit easy for a red control. An older man left just before I did.
10. I studied the route before chasing the older guy. I stayed on the left side of the stream, checking off the reentrant, a ditch, then the stream junction. I continued out to the field left of the line. I went around the green to spike it.
11. +02:45I didn't see the trail option and instead started north to use the fields. Reaching the ridge, I was confused by the Juniper forest on the map when it seemed like white woods to me. I came down the ridge and spur to the stream, crossing my route to #8. Coming up over the ridge I set a rough bearing. and emerged just to the right of the control. However, I mistook the gully for the large reentran further left. The gully was much broader than mapped. I thus passed the gully with the control and ran down the hillside a little to see if I missed it. I could match-up the houses and knew I was close. As I searched in the direction of #12, I saw Peggy coming back. I should have known she had already made a mistake an was headed back but instead, I kept going to the end of the ridge, then ran on top back to the control. Another guy was leaving as I closed-in.
12. +00:15I retraced my steps on the ridge and down the nose to the stream. I was trying to catch the guy who left just ahead of me but I was too tired. Perhaps going down first would have been faster. After crossing the stream, I lost sight of the other guy. Recognizing som open areas, I cut right 90 degrees to drop into the gully.
13. +00:15Rushing and still tired, I made a mental error on this one. I just took off straight instead of using the trail. By the time I saw it on the map, I had already picked my way in the woods for over 100m. I was still tentative at how far down the control was.
F. Trying to lift my knees a bit--I was glad it was downhill.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:50

Split Analysis

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