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Race Evaluation

WCOC A Meet and Intercollegiates: Red Day 1


1. Started at the same time as my boys - Ben on green and Jon on Orange. Stayed on trail too long, should have cut up earlier. Not warmed up enough - up hill slog...
2. rough compass, took trail down hill past light green, contoured to end of stone wall
5. took trail to the right, good attack point across stream and small knoll
6. trail to right
7. +00:15cut out to the trail, more of a mud field, headed straight up hill from trail junction, pulled right by other control then went up and over instead of around the spur
8. +04:15jsut ahead of Clint Morse, at 2d trail, thought I was further left, saw small boulder and made the terrain fit as I went far NE - almost back to #1
9. frustrated, but caught back up to CM into control
10. chasing CM, straight on
11. trading lead with CM
12. stayed low on trails, CM cut the corner and pulled ahead
13. CM went low on the trail, I stayed high and approached from above -

Total Time Lost - 00:04:30

Split Analysis

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