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Race Evaluation

Valley Goat: Long


1. Went rightish to enjoy pavement with Boris. Don't know if it was worthwhile
2. All the way up to the road and around, follow the pack to the bag.
3. Ran a little more trail than most. The pack was amazingly far ahead already.
4. +00:10Most of the front pack went to 5, but I didn't think this would be too costly (as I've been in those woods before), and based on the split it would seem to only save ~1:30 or so at my pace.
5. Barely R of line. Couldn't see which tree, but could see leaders streaming off toward 6. Boris & Dave Pruden nearby here.
6. Aimed a little more right than most, enjoying the more runnable mowed area near the houses longer. Dave overshot ahead and Boris passed him. Dave handed me the punch.
7. Rough bearing and indeed somebody who'd overshot the bad and was coming back up made it easy. Boris, Dave, me pretty close.
8. From road junction, Boris went R, Dave & I Left. Passed Dave as he accidentally hit 9 first. Boris & I hit 8 about the same time.
9. Back up to 9 passing Dave & Wrongway who had he 9 first. As I was leaving, I saw Dave coming back to it.
10. Boris & I together on the road/trail bit. Boris went straight, I left and through more forest. Forest was trashier than I remembered it but Boris swung Left on attack to we were together again at 10 (Wyatt, Boris, Dave)
11. Straight through 'dark green', which wasn't dark, but the grass covered deadfall was bad.
12. Exitted 11 SW, then S to trail. Dave popped out on trail just ahead. Boris stayed in the forest and but we were still all together at 12. Dave left first as I drank.
13. Dave shot too far R and I passed him above bag. Wasn't really map reading, just on a rough bearing looking for cliffs and rocks.
14. Saw Greg (who had already skipped) exitting 15 as we ran down the hill and that was inspiring. Rough bearing from L side of front hill and nailed it by accident.
15. A little too far Left.
16. Didn't climb much at the beginning, and then climbed a little too much. Lost ~10 second to Boris.
17. Boris, Dave, Me. Boris was openning up a gap along the filed edge but dove into the forest too early. Boris/Dave/me at bag again.
18. Boris & I ran together through the parking lot. Boris & Dave then pulled ahead along the road. Dave stayed on the road apparently going to attack 19 from below. Boris & I continued along and I could see Greg. B. far ahead, incl. going up the hill. Once I approached the saddle though, it was only Boris in sight. As I approached 18, I saw Gregory still climbing out, which looked great for me to get ahead of him, and then Mihai crossing behind me on his way out of 19, which looked great for Boris to catch him!
19. skip
20. Climbing out of 18, I saw Boris & Mihai together far ahead on trail. Then I was alone until I hit the road at the saddle and I saw Mihai and Boris up ahead in the forest on the left. I stayed on the road, just cutting part of the corner (a gap just before the dark green.) I was able to make reasonably speed uphill on the road, especially compared to Mihai and Boris who were struggling along in the forest next to the road. As we came downhill toward 20, Mihai was in the lead and had to read the map, so Boris caught him at the bag. They hestitate at the bag for 10+ seconds trying to decide on the tricky short route to 21 so they left just before I arrived.
21. I hestitated as well a bit, but then followed their exit route. It was Mihai/Boris/me at 21, with probably 5 seconds between Mihai and Boris and another ~15 to me.
22. That 15 seconds looked huge as I ran the field edge behind them out of 21. Boris was hanging onto Mihai as they rounded the forest patch to the right. I thought that the ~2 contour uphill push on the road would be a good investment give a great downhill attack toward 22. As Boris & Mihai came into view, Boris had pulled ahead of Mihai. I don't think Mihai had seen me yet as I used the perfect downhill grade to run as hard as possible to the bag, and I arrived in time to have Mihai hand me the punch. (Boris was ~10 seconds ahead and picking up speed.)
23. Boris & Mihai drifted a little left, but recovered in time so my straighted route didn't help much at all. Again, Mihai handed me the punch.
F. Go for broke. Catch Mihai at the table for a tie (to the second at least...). I was moving fast enough in the uphill chute that I slammed into the un-suspecting crowd... Sorry! My split here is an estimate, and my total time is a little off from the official time, so I'm not sure what's up...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:10

Split Analysis

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