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Race Evaluation

Possum Trot VII: Possum Trot


1. followed crowd - road run to open, then woods, wait turn to punch. (Not in marathon shape, so goal "is to finish").
2. Followed 2nd pack more W, than NW.
3. Never saw option to skip 3 & 4, followed ridge line to trail.
5. Bad route choice
Did not read control description
Lacked concentration
Lost a lot of time - went left of marsh (slow), then to SW corner of marsh to get up, then ran above steep earth bank S to spend another min looking down earth bank instead of going to depression. Keith Lay led me in.
6. Jogged w/Charlie DeWeese most of way.
9. w/ Charlie & Keith most of the way. 1st look at considering skipping a point. Knowing I would tire or cramp at the end, saving for skips late in the race a main strategy.
10. w/ Charlie & Keith most of way
11. went out to road to got to 10 (Charlie and Keith skipped 11&12; this choice saved the most distance), S on road, S on trail and in - felt fast enough. On road decided 12 was the 1st one to skip.
12. skipped
13. about to hit the paved bike path (11 to 13) and crossed Charlie's path - so he skipped 11... couldn;t calculate he skipped 12, too. A little cautious whithin 100m (right reentrant?)
16. Up W to trail; paced counted between obvious reentrants to my left; broad spur easy to see and down to ditch.
19. Headed due N, but recognized reentrant junction at bottom and slwoly jogged to 19 - OK.
20. Tired
N to trail, legs starting to rebel and jogged slower and walked some.
21. Tired
Beginning of the end - out to paved bike path (west) and jogged and walked a lot more. Got off pavement about 200m S of control - had to walk, sat down on log by marker *about a minute before punching in. rest helped with cramping calves.
22. skipped
23. Walking NE out of 21, got to paved trail again, then decided to skip 22. Can't run, so would rather deal with the crapping looking green from 23-24. Met Charlie again at water stop.
24. N up stream about 100m, then bailed out E to trail. Tight saplings 200m to get to trail. Jogged some, walked some.
25. Tired
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
Due W to "ski" trail (jogged most of this - "it's about over"). Had to walk some on campground road, totally turned off brain leaving pavement and back into woods. Was I in a bowl or on a spur? About 2 min just going slow (brain and feet)
26. not concentrating on pace counting - just went to trail junction at the west end to attack.
27. Wasn't really sure I was on the right spur going up (it was right); walked by last control (Dick Neuburger) had pointed it out in the briefing, turned around after 30m & punched. Orienteered for 24 controls, didn't the last 4.
F. Lacked concentration
Orlyn and Charlie said "hi" at the finish. Pleased with overall result. The cramping did not get out of control and only two real bobbles.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:00

Split Analysis

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