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Race Evaluation

North American Orienteering Championships 2016: Long - Red Y (WRE)


1. P P 5 +01:30Kind of just headed out, thinking the trail was too far around on a 1:15. Probably would have been better to have used the trail and seen the big cliffs on the way into the swamp, but I hadn't figured out how to navigate this stuff. I did read the contour feature fine and came to a halt in the right place, just took ~30s to actually see the control because I was not confident in my reading of knolls.
2. P P 5 +02:10Very worried about this one. Resolved to find swamps. Crossed big, small, big, then over to the lake, south to the swamp, and I knew I owned it. whew! Hesitant, though - might have been faster to work around some of the rocky stuff.
3. P P R 5 +01:00Most of my loss here was trying to get around the big swamp-went up what looked like a spur to find myself unable to get back down without backtracking. ooops. Around the long swamp left, along trail a bit then across the next swamp, followed the wall of cliffs to the gap and maneuvered right, knowing i needed to be on top. Owned this one, too. Starting to figure out this terrain.
4. P D R 4 Aimed left to avoid swimming, which Alex apparently did a bit of, and ended up almost too far. Caught the bridge from underneath, then headed up on compass and sighted 3 ladies passing me who pulled me into the control. But easy find from this direction.
5. P P R 4 Thought I'd be slow, but this was above average for me. Up and over, aiming a bit left, found the swamp ok, but it seemed much longer N-S than mapped. Trusted that I could see the spur and worked my way up. Hey, it's a Thierry saddle between spurs! Knew I could do this.
6. P D P 4 +00:40Lost some time here, came out too far left by the trail that ran N-S. Hard to see the little swamp, got pulled in by Alex and some others.
7. P R 4 +01:30Oh, dear. Saw the trails after starting hard at the map and headed out, contouring the bottom of the hillside. The group pulled ahead quickly, so I had no help finding my intersection, but find it I did. Really nervous on this leg. Pushed the pace along, especially after meeting Jon coming the other way who told me the pack was just ahead. But I lost the trail in the 90 degree turn in the swamp, and blundered around a few minutes finding it again. Hesitated for a bit towards the end, then committed to going up the long reentrant with big cliffs. Tough climb. Came in big trail to stream junction to swamp left, and hesitated 5s in the circle because it was higher than expected. But ok, I didn't screw this up. Saw Ali on her way out as I came in.
8. P P 5 +00:37Blundered out with no real plan, then took the cliff-lined gap running SW-NE and worked little swamps, using pace and rough compass since I was uncertain if the circle had a spur or a reentrant leading into it.
9. P 4 +00:45Took the swamps out, but misread the long reentrant and was above the rock ledge instead of below, took a but to unsort that. Once it all made sense, easy find.
10. P D 5 Used the swamps again. Got pulled off left a bit as I came out of the 3rd one, but foudn the trails and got turned back in the right direction. Came off the intersection of the semi-circle trail up over the rabbit-ears spurs, looked for the two walls of cliffs but didn't really see them. Just knew at that point if I got to the top I could work from there, and I happened to come up right on top of my little swamp. woo!
11. D P 4 +00:15Out to the trail, used cliff walls to guide me in, although it was a little hard to find the right ones. Got pushed left along the tiny linear swamp at first (didn't see it on the map at the time, so quite confusing), but fixed myself and came up and over to the control
12. P D P 2 Catching features galore. Ran hard down the spur, checked off the control on the cliff just to the SW. Apparently everyone else did this even faster. ;-)
13. P 1 Nearly screwed this up by trying to cross the street, but the meet staff pointed out my control was on THIS side of the road...sigh...think I was confused by coming out at the traffic circle and thinking I needed to cross two roads. Plus, the finish was in the wrong spot. Just confused here.
14. P P 1 Saw this one on the way to 13,so I was very fast here. Yay.
15. P D P 5 Felt like it took FOREVER to come out of the woods to the trail, and then worried I had gone too far right. But I was fairly straight, came in off the bend with a great picture and got it before the other guy ahead of me.
16. P 4 +00:45Even with pace, stopped one swamp short and was completely confused. Then Kseniya came rolling through, and I guessed I was short. I was praying as I punched that she wasn't on her way out of 16 and headed to 17 already...
17. 3 Lots of company, easy to see.
18. 2 Looped a bit right, then thrashed north. Almost afraid to punch, it was so close to the finish.
F. 0 Even though I'd heard the finish was closer than expected, still worried that it was on top of my last control.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:12

Split Analysis

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