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Race Evaluation

North American Orienteering Championships 2016: Long - Brown X


2. P R +09:00trail junction nw, west of the cliffs to the little marsh quickly, then .... I wonder if the control circle had been cut to reveal the contour-cliff junction, whether that would have helped
5. P +40:00plan was to stay high and hit the trail n of bag then s to where the steep met the flat - two broad sides of a barn; but, I hit 'the' trail about 450m ne of the bag - which trail I didn't see.... finally got it from the marsh sw
7. D P +08:00didn't stay on compass 20m from bag and checked out the other marshes
F. It's not often we get to run such an interesting course; however, I couldn't reliably read the map in the instances above

Total Time Lost - 00:57:00

Split Analysis

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