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Race Evaluation

Event in Kent: Blue Day 1


1. Kathy McCardle and I had a plan - follow Carl Childs to #1. Bad plan. He overshot and ended up going back to the start. I managed to figure out where we were.
3. Down to trail, then follow to faint trail past bend, etc.
4. Unexpectedly landed on trail to E, but luckily could see the control from there.
5. Ugh. Navigated nicely to a nice flat spot in the area (following the purple line on the map), but no control. Didn't even know what feature I was looking for. Eventually tried climbing up and found it.
7. W around bottom of hill, then N through thick stuff. Somehow ended up W of where I planned and wandered for quite a while, eventually stumbling over the control.
9. SE marsh, then trail up and around rocks, then E
12. Down, over stream, between marshes, trail run. Went too low when crossing trail, slog up.
13. slog. slog. slog.
14. took AT. Mistake, as it was really rocky + tricky.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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