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Race Evaluation

US Individual Champs 2009: Blue Day 1 US Champs


1. I wanted a clean first control, so I attacked cautiously and carefully. Ran on the trail from the paved lot past 17, over the hill to the left of the huge double depression, and left of the tricorner depression. A comfortable spike.
2. +01:00Looked trickier than #1, so I took my time matching up all the depressions. Hesitated at times and stopped for 15 seconds to verify that everything lined up. Clean and accurate, but slow.
3. Attacked via the knoll SE of the control. Spike, but still slow.
4. Up the hill, past the black X, across the trail, and between the two depressions S of the control. Spike.
5. +01:00This leg looked formidably tricky with no obvious route. I carefully checked off about a dozen features on an essentially straight line. I went right of the reentrant, left of the big, shallow depression, over the little hill, up the spur, right of the reentrant, past the black X to the trail. I then ran along the trail until I was south of the hill S of 5 and down into the depression. Slow, methodical spike.
6. +00:30Drifted right on what should have been a very easy compass and feature leg. Had to slow to figure out the problem, but I wasn't really off my line, and I corrected easily enough.
7. +00:45I took this leg far slowly than was necessary; there was a massive hill just NE of 16 that made an excellent collecting feature. Nevertheless, I took the leg much as I did 5, systematically checking off small features on a clean attack. I went over the saddle due east of 16, then south of the reentrant straight into the control.
8. Very easy; over the hill, along the ridge into the control.
9. +00:30I paused to reflect and decided the best route was along the ridge just east of the line. It was good running and difficult to get lost, but I was careful and checked off hills and depressions as I ran along. Executed the route exactly as I intended, though slowly. Saw Kenny going to 16 as I descended into 9.
10. +01:00Didn't want to side hill, so I took a much more conservative route - ran north to the trail, then around the trail bend to the hill SE of 10, over the nose of the hill, past the shelf to the N of the hill, then down into 10. Poor route choice
11. +01:30I had my biggest hesitation on this control; my route was to go over the hill just east of 10 then pass over a series of small hills in a line to 11. When I hit the big hill, things didn't seem to line up, so I slowed and checked. It turned out I was exactly where I thought I was, so I resumed and spiked. Lost at least a minute to hesitation.
12. I charged to the road, then ran along the road until I was north of the green hill. I then ran out to the spur leading to 12; clean, fast spike. I think Will took the same route.
13. Easy leg - compass to the saddle, then around the hill.
14. +00:15I took the obvious route choice on the ridge just right of the line. I hesitated for about fifteen seconds at the circle trying to make out the contours, but the control was right where I expected.
15. Went left of the line across the saddle between the depressions to the spur and over the triangle hill to the road. I then ran parallel to and south of the green vegetation line, passed left of the saddle into the control.
16. +02:00I didn't see Will's and Ross's route; I settled on running basically on the line to the trail, then attacking at the trail bend to the ridge on which I had run to 9. I attacked 16 via the big hill for a spike, but I was very slow getting to the trail and hesitant along my route.
17. +00:30Down to the saddle, up the hill and down into the control. Saw like 5 M45s hanging out east of 17; I don't know what they were looking for, but I ignored them. Slow leaving 16, but clean.
18. Basically straight; attacked via the hill just right of the line.
19. Up and over the hill.
20. Trails.
F. Wanted the fastest finish split.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:00

Split Analysis

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