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Race Evaluation

US Individual Champs 2009: Green X Day 1 US Champs


1. Trail to even with top of hill then across knoll to depression
2. A bit of wandering - S on road and then down steep path through green to NE edge of big yellow depression, then more or less on compass and out of contact until NS ridge line S of big depressions. Climbed ridge to S and attacked from bend in ridge E along side of depression
3. Up to ridge and along ridges checking off small knolls etc until got on knoll with black X SW of control and straight in
4. Straight, keeping hill on my right.
5. Tried to use ridges and knolls, but made a parallel error and ended up by #10. Easy from there.
6. Up and over. No problem
7. Across spur and left of depression before trail. Over knoll to the south then count the bumps on the way in.
8. Drifted a bit S and hit spur with knoll and black X, then along knolls from there, including long knoll with 3 bumps right before control. Unmistakable.
9. R of knoll with black x and depression behind it, then could see the knoll in front from a distance
10. Been here before, so a little confidence. Checking off knolls right of line, then in through depressions. Accosted here by a european guy who demanded to know where we were. Later found out he had also accosted PG, Tim Parson and Ethan Childs.
11. More or less NW, figuring I would bounce off big ridge, and I did. Up to the top and along the trail, then tried to cut the corner, but it was slow and I saw Walter S zooming by on the trail. Still I had a better line and got there right behind him.
12. Couldn't run with Walter on slippery sidehill, but navigation is easy
13. To road and to trail

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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