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Race Evaluation

DVOA Mt. Penn - Antietam: Red


1. +04:30Ran too far up track before I knew where I was. Vague attack, spent a long time too high in green. Found Tom at control.
2. +01:30Missed left. Looked at all the rock to NW of control, then out to road, then back in.
3. +00:30Missed right, back from power lines
4. +01:30Over the top using the track, got into circle but couldn't see (well hidden!) flag. Caught Tom (again).
5. At last, spiked one
6. and another
7. and another
8. +01:00Missed slightly right/high, 100m past, u-turn.
9. +04:00Straight to Skyline Drive, but lost contact dropping down slope. Looked too far SW of control, then re-located on track bend, then found ditch. Tom caught me again.
11. +01:00Up to track, then descend from track bend, missed right, 70m past, u-turn, found it.
12. +01:00Up to track, along, down. Not best route.
13. Slow through rock after road. Caught Tom (for the 3rd time!).
14. +00:30Straightish, just right of line. Hit road at power lines, but got stuck in green approaching control.
15. +00:30Vague, missed left, hit wall corner to north.
16. Hit Y-junction, then off track bend.
17. +01:00Straight but missed left in low visibility, hit wall corner, u-turn.
18. Contoured to right to pick up small tracks.
F. Fast finish, and not bad from 13 in, but never recovered from a poor start.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:00

Split Analysis

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