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Race Evaluation

West Point National Meet: Middle - Red

Danish Dynamite

1. P D P R 2 +00:45Leg went great until the control circle, had a good plan, was seeing the terrain well, however didn't run too hard up hill. Spent time looking around for right cliff (lot not mapped).
2. D P R 2 +00:30Saw terrain well, however need to pay more attention near control circle.
3. D P R 2 +00:45Should have had far better route, and my bearing was brutal. Also lost a whole bunch of time looking for way to cross river as did not see bridge.
4. P D P R 2 +00:05Should have ran harder going up hill and only error was should have looked closer at control (as didn't see small hill that could have cued re-entrant).
5. D P R 2 +00:05Could have ran harder but only mistake is ended up a bit further down. Next time take better bearing look deep and hit it closer to the control
6. D +00:30Was very hesitant (didn't help the whole side pretty much had cliffs). Next time more confidence, just look at contours and ignore the rock, also pay more attention to control circle as didn't see it was above the cliffs.
7. +00:20Should have come out of control far better (over hilltop above one I crossed). Only need to know pond so cut a lot closer to it.
8. P D P R 2 +00:30Went well other then fact I looked almost at the control ran up and then saw it. Next time look at control description.
9. P D P R 2 Did good job thumbing along and taking bearing/looking up from hill top leading to control (it was a dog leg though)
10. D +00:10Just took rough bearing and followed down reantrant, however should have crossed further down and came into control from left. Also look at control descriptions
F. 0 Should have ran a bit harder but crappy finish leg

Total Time Lost - 00:03:40

Split Analysis

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