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Race Evaluation

US Sprint & UltraLong champs: UltraLong: Red X


1. +12:00I had a terrible start. Getting used to the 1:15K scale was part of it. I just didn't see the trails to the right. I ran straightish through the rougher greens (slow), crossed a reentrant and then headed across the bland woods. I came across a great big rootstock before getting to the major reentrant that the control was it. Had it been on the map, I might have been able to attack. As it was I was too high. I had an idea where I was but as I descended, I was still getting used to the scale and initially thought the control would be on the left water side of the trail. I even hunted for it by moving off the trail at the right reentrant. I didn't see it so I kept going down the trail until I finally relocated at a major bend. I was seeing lots of others including Greg Balter headed up the trail. After turning around I went right to it.
2. +02:00I stayed off the trail and along the water initially. It was slow going until I got away from the water and in some pines mapped as light green. That part was fast. I got a bit confused as to where I was and couldn't match-up a nice curling reentrant that I crossed before gettting to the larger ones. Once on the larger ones, I did have a good idea of where I was but I just kept aiming for the road mostly. Once in a field before the road, I wasn't positive of which field I was in. I couldn't see the orientation of the road on the other side due to the height of the grass. I went to the wrong corner and then back tracked on the road. Now 100% sure of my location, I cut in rather than drop further to the reentrant that led up toward the control. It got a bit vague. I had a good line and kept to it, leading one into other person into it and perhaps getting tipped-off myselft by another who was leaving.

Total Time Lost - 00:14:00

Split Analysis

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