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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Blue


1. This is better than yesterday. Out to the power line, watch the contours and straight in. Nice and runnable, but legs are a bit stiff after yesterday.
2. Another easy leg.
3. Started off OK, but then convinced myself that a big spur above me was actually a closer spur. Realised I was wrong when I reached the houses. Tried to backtrack and relocate. I thought I knew where I was but then I saw some water jugs. It was no 4. Took a bearing back to number 3 and found it.
4. Remarkebly I couldn't follow the same bearing the other way (went almost past the control). Hit the path below the control twice before I saw the water again (before the control or the feature). I left by the path below, and discovered you could see the flag from a substantional length of the path, but there were other people there trying to find the control.
5. Round below the camp, and followed the ridge in.
6. Once again I prove an inability to follow compass bearings for short distances.
7. Out to the road track junction, along the track, accross a stream on a (mapped) fallen tree, and then it's all uphill for the next 1/2 hour.
8. Started off on the east side of the ridge, and then when it got a bit easier went to the west side. Found the break in the contours and the ditch just below the control. No navigational problems, but it's extremely tough physically. Andy Dale (ORCA) charges past me - I don't know how he does it !!
9. Back up to the ridge and along. Not going very fast.
10. Dropped down to the indistinct path to the east that made the going easier. Climbed up to the control and found a big boulder. Identified some smaller ones and found the control behind one.
11. Thought I hadn't gone far enough because I couldn't make sense of the contours (slope to north and east seemed to steep), but then found the control !!
12. Easy navigationally, but some horrendous deadfall to cross.
13. Cut accross the ridge just north of 9, and droppend down to the long re-entrant. This turned out to be a mistake, as the re-entrant was very rocky and rough. No navigational problems.
14. Went east to the trail, and then tried to follow the ridge down to the north. Found two bits of old barbed wire before the control (an old fence post).
15. At last some easier running - but I'm too tired to really take advantage of it.
16. Two (fitter) orienteers pass me at the control.
17. Veered off to the left, before correcting myself with my compass.
18. I know I'm going to OT, but I can't make my legs go any faster.
F. So I've OT'd twice in a weekend (!!). But only just on Sunday, and I had good company on Saturday. And I can make the excuse that I live in Houston and it's too hot to train from April to October (!!). But at least the weather was good, and the Lake Tahoe scenery is spectacular.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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