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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Blue


1. straight in from break in the trail
2. from the bend in the road
3. down the fields past 17, then up the spur towards 7, then contouring/bearing and the long open field to the control.
4. look at compass once, run straight, dig through the bushes to find the control.
5. off the end of the campsite, down the spur. lots of lost old people in the area, hesitated 50m short of the control.
6. compass, run, dig.
7. past 17 again, back up the spur, short bearing off the top of the spur.
8. up the small reentrant to the east, then followed the ridgeline up until it looked good enough to contour over. ran right in to it, purely by luck. too bad the 2m deep pits on the hillside weren't on the map.
9. straight along the ridgetop
10. followed the open rocky area from the pond.
11. tried to read the contours on the way over, which was a mistake since it just got me disoriented. found it while bailing west to the trail. yea luck.
12. from the east end of the field, ran to another depression that was just west of where the control was.
13. down the rocky field to the open field to the skinny field to the boulder on the ridge to the two ginourmous rootstocks to the kinda open field, then straight through the crap to the reentrant bottom. tried to pace count down the reentrant but lost track and stopped short. saw eric bone run past while I was going back up to check. finally turned around and went further down to get it.
14. kept going down the reentrant in the open woods to the left of the straight line, picked up the spur west of the one the control was on. ran down that through the slash until I could see the control, then cut over. sucks to have short legs on this one. saw eric, he had lost a few minutes.
15. straight. saw three different people punch while I was approaching, so no trouble finding it.
16. straight
17. straight. had spotted this one on the 6-7 leg, so remembered where it was.
18. trail to road
19. straight
20. straight

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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