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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Blue


1. Off to a very slow start. Not only had my legs not recovered from yesterday, but I blew the first control.
3. Came up from the trail near 4.
4. Backtracked how I had gone to 3.
5. Ran the road, slowly.
6. Passed it and wandered around for many minutes.
8. Went SW. Green wasn't too bad. Hit the road near the trail. Lost several minutes trying to cross the surprisingly deep, steep, chasm without killing myself after turning off the trail.
9. Up the ridge, using just the giant boulder half way, and the flat part 9/10ths of the way. Found the tree just W of the control and realized it was the one on the map.
10. Not much made sense on the way to the lake. Fortunately the lake turned up eventually.
13. Went right past 9 and down to the bottom. Discovered far too late that the rough open stony ground was a talus field and that the strips of white along the edge didn't exist. But by that time I was 500 m E of the best route, so tried to walk quickly down the talus (which was better than the bushes) for a kilometer.
14. Trail to the road.
16. Took the linear yellow from the road bend, which sent me 10 meters from the control without seeing it. Bounced off the clearing beyond.
18. Don't want to talk about it.
F. Didn't see the ribbons at first. Headed N momentarily then stopped to read the map.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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