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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Blue


1. Straight in and spiked it. Things were looking much better than Saturday.
2. Attacked from road bend. Sergei Zhyk caught up, from two minutes back.
3. Went somewhat right of the line, and hit the trail NE of #4. Saw #4 on my way up and used it as an attack point. Sergei was ahead, and saw Boris, who had started two minutes before me. Mihai was just ahead of me at the control.
4. Having seen it already, I was able to blast this one.
5. South around the reentrant, then nipped the tip of the campground road and went down the spur.
6. Straight, and saw the control before I saw the pit. Also saw Boris, who was unhappy that he had lost two minutes to me.
7. Straight, up the spur at the end, could see Boris leaving before me.
8. Okay, fun time is over, at least for the next 90 minutes. SW over the spur and down to the road. Climbed through the stream gully (very steep sides, though the map doesn't show it), and hit the road just as Boris arrived. He blew past the trail and ran off the map, while I took the trail, but he corrected and caught up soon. The trail was probably twistier and nastier than show, but it did the trick. Went to directly west of the control, then straight in. Only problem was that the "reentrant" that the stream runs down is actually a several contour canyon with almost vertical sides. After my controlled fall into it, I climbed a toppled tree trunk to get out. Had a big case of crossed fingers working my way up the slope, and actually read depressions and stony ground to find the boulder. Was very impressed by the people who managed to sidehill to this point. Randy Hall arrived and left while I was sittng there eating sports drink powder, and did a woman I didn't recognize.
9. Sometimes when orienteering you feel like you're deep in the wilderness, where nobody has ever been before. In the time I spent before I found the control, as evidence that someone had in fact been there, I had that feeling. I definitely didn't get the feeling that a mapper had ever been up there. I did a pretty poor job of interpreting contours for a while, and wasn't really sure where I was, but I was going the right way, and eventually got up to about where the control was, but it was such a nasty mess that I wasn't *sure* where I was. I got to within a few meters of the control, but didn't see it, and the map didn't seem to match the terrain, so I headed north, and encountered Jon Torrance, then Will Hawkins. I didn't know if maybe they were heading for #10, so I went back down a little, then attacked from the valley to the west. The map still seemed really wrong, but this time I was able to find the control, which was supposedly on a boulder. But I seem to recall that it was actually down in a pit next to the boulder.
10. Went pretty close to the control on the way up, but the map didn't work for me. Hit the trail, and after one brief false start, managed to go down the right spur and find the control. "Between the middle boulder", eh? I count 18 boulders in the circle, and in fact the control was somewhere on the trailing edge of a talus field.
11. Map-read my way in, going straight, which is some kind of minor miracle.
12. The big blob of green, and the yellow with the big boulder, made good attack points. This was the last control in what I had been hoping would be an area of very nice orienteering way up in the south end of the map, but it was in fact horrible, terribly mapped with a nasty mixture of dense bushes, tangled deadfall, and basalt scree. But it was all dowhill from here!
13. Pretty much straight. Wasn't entirely sure where I was a lot of the time, and didn't really care. Dragged my way through the green garbage, hit the valley, and just wandered down until I found the dot knoll. Looked at my watch and decided there was a decent chance of breaking three hours.
14. Nipped the trail and attacked down the spur. I don't know why there needs to be a separate symbol for fight undergrowth, especially when it's taller than I am. I don't call that "good visibility". Got to almost the right place and saw wall-to-wall green gunk. had to go out to the road, verified that I was exactly where I thought I was, and went back in, thrashing through the bushes to find the "fence corner": a crummy old fencepost with a control down by the ground.
15. Back into the nice terrain at last. No trouble getting to the right place. Nice open terrain mean that I could see the boulder, which was really dinky, but was the only boulder I could see. But even standing at the boulder, I had trouble seeing the tiny pit or the control down inside it.
16. Just before the spur that the control is on, there's a yellow area. In the middle of that yellow area, just north of the line, is a big pit, much bigger than any of the other pits I saw in this place. You can't miss it. But it's not on the map. Figures.
17. On the third time through this clearing, I looked again for the three ruins, but still couldn't see them. Only afte I got home could I see that they are actually green circles.
18. Trail, road.
19. Was too far left, hit the road junction, so I attacked from the archway (two black X's flanking the road N of control).
F. Not a very impressive weekend, but at least I had the satisfaction of hearing a "beep" time I punched at a control, which made me feel all high-tech and cool...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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