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Race Evaluation

Ottawa O-Fest - 2015 Ontario Orienteering Championships: 6b Middle


1. I was distracted by two controls enroute to my first one.
2. I fumbled around so badly for 2 that I found three other controls including my control 3 which I used to shoot back to 2.
3. Then reversing compass, I failed to see hidden control 3 (on two more passes) which I had already visited.
4. walk, compass
5. walk, compass
6. I attempted to do this by bearing, skirting S of lake. Somehow I drifted right, missing 6 and 7 and likely falling off map. In frustration, I eventually used a NE bearing to find hydro corridor. After review, I realize I was 500m SE on corridor from nearest control on my course, #10.
9. Having failed to find 6, 7 or 8 and with time running low, I actually visited 9 after visiting 10, begining a humiliating MP ride to the finish.
10. After nearly an hour without seeing a control or a competitor, I was so glad to stumble on another stumbler who helped me with my location and I helped him with sighting the nearby control he was seeking.
13. It was my intention to go from 9 to 12 but I screwed up to the right again by so much that after giving up on 12 I stumbled right in to 13.
14. For a trail side control along a trail through corridor, I managed to bushwhack most of the leg.
15. In review, I again drifted right 100m, missing road. There is a pattern emerging.
16. It was very slow going to finally get to the end of this short leg.
17. Finishing this failure was anticlimactic.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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